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Building a Brand | FULL SHOW | #35

Finding your way to new customers or clients in today's connected, interactive world can be a challenge. We discuss strategies to make your brand stand out and grow with Zain Raj and Emmanuel Saujet.

Segment 4: Rules of Development

How do you transform a small business into a highly sought after company? International Cosmetics and Perfumes CEO, Emmanuel Saujet, explains how targeted advertising, risk management, understanding supply and demand, and organic growth are critical to successful business expansion.

Segment 5: Story and Heritage

Tell your consumers the story of your company. Emmanuel Saujet explains the role of heritage and quality in the success and recognizability of your brand.

Segment 6: Assuaging the Distributors

Prove that your company can provide a product that no one else can; be bold, and be innovative. Emmanuel Saujet explains how to operate with your own rules while still dealing with the powerhouse players in your market segment.

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